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Media walls are a unique feature that draws your eyes as you enter a room. They are made to fit your living space and display your TV and other electronic devices, with a unique design that suits your preferences. In this blog, V-Interiors details the other ways bespoke media walls can add value and benefit a home. 

So does a media wall add value to your home? A media wall adds value to a home through the quality of the materials, longevity, unique design and convenient storage opportunities. When crafted by experts, the amount of care, time and effort put in makes media walls a worthwhile investment. It can also make your home more desirable for future buyers. 

Read to find out more about media walls and the many benefits they bring to your living space.

How Do Media Walls Add Value to Your Home?

Adding a bespoke media wall to your home can make your home more desirable to potential buyers. These units provide a convenient and clutter-free way to display your electrical equipment, specifically fitted to your available space. Here are some more ways that media walls can add value and benefit your home:


Adding a bespoke media wall to your home creates the opportunity for additional storage space for your electronic devices. If you want to keep your home free of clutter, a media wall can provide a stylish option. Bespoke media walls also come with the added benefit of being custom made to fit the space available in your home. This means that all of the space can be fully optimised for your needs. 

Plus, you are not limited to just storing electronics. The additional space can be used as opportunities for decorations, books and other items that can add to the aesthetic of your home without requiring extra space.

Unique Design

Bespoke media walls can be made to match your existing interior design style. It can also add something unique to your living space. When designed by experts, you can rest assured that you are receiving a completely individual design. Not only can the design, colour and finish be customised, the shape and size of each section of the media wall can be altered to suit your requirements. This means you can display all of your electronics and more without needing additional storage space and cabinets.


When you invest in a bespoke media wall, you are adding furniture made from high quality materials that will last a long time. Although the initial price is likely to be higher, the final product will not have to be replaced often. 

This is an advantage over off-the-shelf furniture which is made quickly and cheaply, meaning it will need to be replaced or repaired frequently. You can even request a special finish to increase the longevity of your furniture. The benefits of buying bespoke make this a worthwhile investment.



How Deep Should A Media Wall?

A media wall should be 20-24 inches deep to accommodate your TV, wires and a fireplace if you choose to include one. When designing your dream media wall there are a few other important things to consider. This includes:

  • Where you would like your media wall to be placed
  • The size of your TV
  • Which devices you would like to store or display

How Do You Decorate A Media Wall?

Once your bespoke media wall is built, you should think about how to maximise the storage potential to its fullest. This starts with your TV. Is it more convenient to have this as the centrepiece? Make sure to discuss the layout of your media wall right from the initial design so the designers can help you match your vision. 

You are not only limited to displaying electronic equipment in media walls, you can remove the need for additional display cabinets and storage by adding it to the design. Books, plants, photos and other small pieces of furniture are a great way to add your unique flair to the space. 

For more information on media walls, check out our ultimate guide.

Bespoke Media Walls at V-Interiors

At V-Interiors, we create bespoke media walls to match your aesthetic while suiting the space you have available. You can rest assured that we only create furniture that is of the highest quality and made to last from the start. Start your design journey today  by contacting our team and we will create a unique solution for your needs. 

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