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Walk-in Wardrobes Nottingham
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Our Bespoke Walk in Wardrobes

V-Interiors offers premium walk in wardrobes, a perfect storage solution for your bedroom, with a modern, stylish and unique look. Our walk in wardrobes are beautiful in design, practical in storage and tailored to your individual needs.

Bespoke walk in wardrobes offer an abundance of benefits including a unique look, optimised storage and extra protection for your belongings. You don’t just have to use the space to store clothes, why not add some mirrors to check that you have the perfect outfit and accessories for the day.

Walk-in wardrobes Nottingham

The Ideal Wardrobe Solution

Our friendly team will work with you to design the ideal wardrobe for you, with a range of designs, styles, and colours available. V-Interiors have years of experience specialising in all aspects of designing and producing bespoke walk in wardrobes in Nottingham.

If you are looking for a unique piece of finished furniture for your living area, we take pride in manufacturing your dream walk in wardrobe using only the finest materials for a full carcass. They can include open rack shelving, drawers, shelves for shoes, hanging for coats and more. Whatever your needs are, we will make the perfect piece for you.

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Why Choose Us for Your Bespoke Walk in Wardrobe?

Bespoke walk in wardrobes can transform your living space, even when matching your current theme. Find out why you should choose V-Interiors:

Friendly Team

We have a team of fitted furniture designers and fitters, who will work with you from initial contact to final product.

3D Rendering Software

Our 3D rendering software provides a design highly accurate to the final result, allowing you to make any final changes and reach your full vision.

100+ Colour Options

With an enormous range of colour and design options, we provide the opportunity to create your ideal bespoke walk in wardrobe.

FAQs for Bespoke Walk in Wardrobes

Here are some of the common questions we get asked about our Walk In Wardrobes:

What is a Bespoke Walk in Wardrobe?

A bespoke walk in wardrobe is built specifically for your available space, for your needs. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to the design of your walk in wardrobe. Contact V-Interiors today to start your design journey. Our experts work with you through every step of the process.

What are the Benefits of Bespoke Walk In Wardrobes?

Bespoke walk in wardrobes can transform your bedroom into a whole new space and can be customised to suit your personal style. The benefits of incorporating a walk in wardrobe include:

  • Keep Organised – With the different compartments and amount of space, you can use your walk in wardrobe to store shoes, accessories and blankets.
  • Optimise a multi-functional space – They are not just limited to storing clothes, you can add mirrors or even a dressing table to get ready in a private space.
  • Safe Storage – As well as clothes, walk in wardrobes can be the perfect place to store anything you desire, keeping your items dust free and out of the way.
  • Protect your clothes – Walk in wardrobes are good ventilators and prevent the spread of mould. The extra space reduces the need for tight packing, thus minimising creases.

What is the Difference Between Fitted and Walk-in Wardrobes?

Bespoke walk in wardrobes typically have more space than fitted wardrobes, additionally functioning as a separate dressing room. These wardrobes are built to optimise the available space with the additional benefit of aesthetic value. Walk in wardrobes provide better protection for your belongings and keep your home free of clutter.

We have an in-depth blog on this topic which includes more information on the value of both fitted and walk-in wardrobes, check it out here.

Do Bespoke Walk in Wardrobes Add Value to Your Home?

Walk in wardrobes are highly desirable to potential home buyers, increasing the overall value and ease to sell. They are an extremely practical, and efficient way to save space and organise your living space. Updating the aesthetic and features of your walk in wardrobe could grant a return on investment of over 50%.

How Can You Keep Dust Out of a Walk in Wardrobe?

The large amount of space available provides the opportunity to store items that won’t be worn for a while, such as during different seasons. Our tips for keeping dust out of your walk in wardrobe include:

  • To avoid dust damage to your items, we recommend storing them in boxes or vacuum sealed storage.
  • Consider keeping shoes in a separate area to minimise dirt and dust from outside affecting your walk in wardrobe.
  • Close the doors when you are not using your wardrobe.
  • Vacuum and clean the interior often to remove any dirt or dust.
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