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Media Walls Nottingham

Bespoke Media Walls Nottingham

Media walls can be a great way to add interest and personality to a space, and they can be customised to fit any need or aesthetic.

The addition of a media wall to a space can provide a sense of bespoke customisation and quality to your living room or home office, not to mention the extra utility they provide for adding storage or functionality to the space.

Depending on your needs or aesthetics, our media walls can be tailored to display artwork, televisions, photos, or other memorabilia. In our experience, media walls can transform your living space and often become the focal point of any room, wowing guests with a piece of carpentry designed just for you.

So, What Are Bespoke Media Walls?

A bespoke media wall is a custom-built storage unit that houses all of your entertainment equipment in one place. It typically includes shelves for holding DVDs and CDs, as well as space for a television and other electronics. Home media walls can be built to blend in with your existing décor, or they can be designed to make a statement.

Media Walls Nottingham
Media Walls Nottingham

Transform Any Space With Media Walls

If you’re looking for something different, consider adding a bespoke media wall to your home or office. Bespoke media walls can be customised to any space, making them perfect for both small and large areas alike. They’re also a stylish way to add storage and display space in your home or office. You can use media walls to create a focal point in a room, or as an accent wall. Media walls can be used to hide unsightly cords and wires, and create a neat and tidy look in your space.

Depending on your needs, a media wall can include features like built-in shelving for storing components or books, recessed lighting to create a warm ambience, or even a fireplace to add a touch of luxury. Plus, with so many different style options available, it’s easy to find a media wall that perfectly complements your existing décor. So why not take your living room or den to the next level with a beautiful custom media wall?

Planning Your Dream Space

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning a media wall, such as the size of the space and the type of content you want to display.

When planning a bespoke media wall, it’s important to first consider the size of the space you have available. Depending on the type of content you want to display, your media wall may need to be of a different size.

If you’re displaying multiple types of content, make sure that each piece is appropriately sized for the space. The viewing distance from your media wall will also impact its size.

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Why Choose V Interiors for Bespoke Media Walls?

Friendly Team

Our team of expert fitted furniture designers and fitters will work with you from initial contact to final product.

3D Rendering Software

Our 3D rendering software provides a design highly accurate to the final result, allowing you to make any final changes to reach your full vision.

100+ Colour Options

Our enormous range of colour and design options provides the opportunity to create your ideal bespoke media wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we get asked about our Bespoke Media Walls:

What is a Bespoke Media Wall?

Media walls are an all-in-one storage unit for your electronic devices, with your TV at the centre. They can conveniently hide your wires, keeping your living space clutter free. There is also the option to add a modern fire underneath your TV which saves space. For more information on bespoke media walls, check out our ultimate guide here.

What are the Benefits of Bespoke Media Walls?

Bespoke media walls come with a large range of benefits which make them a worthwhile investment for your home. These include:

  • convenient storage for all of your electronic devices including TVs, games consoles and speakers;
  • when created by experts, bespoke media walls are made to fit your available space, with your personal style taste in mind;
  • you are not limited by what you display or store on your media wall alongside your devices;
  • a media wall is intended to be the centrepiece of your room, drawing the eyes and becoming a great talking point for guests.

We have an in depth guide available with more benefits of bespoke media walls which you can read here.

Does A Media Wall Add Value to Your Home?

Bespoke media walls can be a desirable asset to potential buyers when it comes to selling your property as they are made with high quality materials that last a long time.

How Should You Decorate a Media Wall?

There are no rules on how you should decorate your bespoke media wall, the only limit is your imagination. We recommend that you fully maximise the available storage space by storing all of your electronic devices in one place. However, the rest of the space is down to your personal choice. You could choose to display books, plants and other small pieces of furniture.

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