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Media walls are a fantastic way to add a bespoke feature to your home. With no limitations on what you can display, these units truly enhance your living space and are sure to draw guests’ attention. In this blog, we detail the uses of media walls, how to decorate them and the many benefits they provide.

So what are media walls? Media walls are tailored pieces of furniture that are  used to display electronic devices such as game consoles and speakers with a TV as the centrepiece. You can also store and display books, plants and other small furniture to fully maximise the available space. 

Read to find out more about the purpose of media walls, how you can decorate them and the benefits you can receive. 

What is the Purpose of a Media Wall?

Media walls are quickly becoming an iconic statement which can enhance any living space. Built to fit all of your electronic devices including your TV, consoles, media players and more, these stylish additions can completely transform your home. They can conveniently store and hide wires, removing clutter and maintaining a clean aesthetic. You can even add a modern fire to kill two birds with one stone. Along the same vein as a feature wall, these units are the centrepiece of a room, drawing people’s attention and adding a unique feature to your living space. 

What Can You Display on a Media Wall?

As media walls are tailor-made for your requirements, consider which devices you want to display or store so you can conveniently access them when required. This starts with the size of your TV, the centrepiece for the whole unit. Depending on your available space and current storage setup you may decide to display additional furniture and accessories such as plants, DVDs/CDs and photos. There are really no rules to what you can display, the only limit is your imagination. You could go for the minimal approach or maximise the available space.

What Colour Should you Paint a Media Wall?

A great option when painting your media wall is to pick a colour that differs from the other walls in the room so that this can effectively become the feature wall of the chosen room. As the main focus should be on the TV, you could stick to neutral tones such as grey or black to help your TV seamlessly blend in. On the other hand, you could choose a colour that compliments the chosen material or other decorations. Our experts are on hand to provide recommendations that suit your aesthetic dreams, contact us here.

What Are the Benefits of Media Walls?

There are many benefits that come with adding a bespoke media wall to your home including the amount of potential storage. As mentioned above, there are no rules you have to follow when considering how to decorate your media wall, it is meant to match your unique style. The convenience of having all of your media devices in one place makes this a worthy investment that will last a long time. Should you come to sell your house, the addition of this bespoke furniture can positively impact the value of your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Each home has unique space available meaning every media wall should be made specifically for your property to fully maximise its potential. This means that you are getting a truly individual design that is made to last and suits your personal aesthetic preferences. Bespoke media walls are crafted by experts, with a quality incomparable with off-the-shelf products. 

Check our recent blog for more information on the many benefits of media walls, including whether they add value to your home. 

Design Your Bespoke Media Wall Today

We understand that each home is unique, so the bespoke furniture we provide is crafted for your needs. Our media walls can be made to match your existing furniture or create a brand-new look and feel, sure to draw the attention of your guests. Contact us today to start your design journey.

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