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Fitted and walk-in wardrobes offer a number of benefits for your home on top of the impressive storage solution. Although there are not many differences between them, your choice could depend on your own personal style preferences or the amount of space you have available. In this blog, we will discuss what each kind of wardrobe can offer.

So what’s the difference between fitted and walk-in wardrobes? The major difference between fitted and walk-in wardrobes is the amount of space inside. Although fitted wardrobes maximise available space for storage, walk-in wardrobes have more free space available and additionally function as a dressing room.

Read on to find out some benefits and practical uses for both fitted and walk-in wardrobes.

Fitted vs Walk-in Wardrobes – What are the Differences?

There are not a great deal of differences between fitted and walk-in wardrobes, however the major difference is how the space is utilised for your needs.

Fitted wardrobes can offer an abundance of space for clothes, shoes and accessories without affecting your living space. You can use every inch of space available and you are only really limited by your imagination in terms of layout. If you want a dedicated unique area just to store your shoes, a fitted wardrobe can come with different sized compartments, drawers or shelves to help you store them.

On the other hand, walk-in wardrobes double as a comfortable space to get changed, leisurely browse your outfits or even apply makeup with the addition of a mirror or vanity table. You can transform part of your home into a stylish storage solution that will keep your home free of clutter and your clothes fresh. Depending on the space you have available for a walk-in wardrobe, you may want to consider adding a seat to try on shoes that can also function as additional storage.

How are Fitted and Walk-in Wardrobes Similar?

Both fitted wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes are made to measure to fit your available space. When compared to free standing wardrobes, they get rid of gaps and create seamless aesthetics in your home. They are easier to clean as the reduced gaps minimise the amount of dust that gathers.

These wardrobes are cost effective as they are built to last with high quality materials, unlike freestanding wardrobes that could become damaged from moving or are mass produced. Value is added to your home should you come to sell it as these bespoke pieces of furniture are more than likely unique, thus are desirable to buyers.

Both types of wardrobe can be made with different materials, with a wide range of colours and finishes available to help you bring your dream bespoke wardrobe to life. This means that the wardrobes can be made to match the design of any of your existing furniture or a completely new design that matches your personal taste.

What are the Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes?

Fitted wardrobes are ideal for when you don’t have a spare room available to transform into a walk-in wardrobe, or you would just like to keep everything compact.

There are a large number of benefits that fitted wardrobes can add to your home and not just in your bedroom. They can be a great addition to living rooms, offices and even bathrooms and can be used to store a large range of items to keep your home looking clean and tidy as an alternative to closets or free standing cabinets. You are not limited by the shape and size of your room as fitted wardrobes are made to fit the space.

Alcoves are the ideal place for a fitted wardrobe as it won’t encroach into the living space, creating a seamless, stylish look. You can even take advantage of slanted ceilings or the area above and around door frames to create a uniquely shaped piece of furniture that provides the ultimate storage solution.

What are the Benefits of Walk-in Wardrobes?

Walk-in wardrobes are a larger alternative to fitted wardrobes. They offer a way to easily access your clothing, while still keeping it protected from dirt and dust. The extra space available in walk-in wardrobes, allows for floor space to freely walk around and choose an outfit, or store additional items to keep the rest of the house free of mess. You can of course choose to store something other than clothing and can choose different compartments within the wardrobe to suit your storage requirements.

Bespoke Wardrobes at V-Interiors

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