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Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, or you’re in the process of designing your dream bedroom from scratch, you may be wondering what comes first, the carpet or the wardrobe. There’s no particular right answer due to the variety of dependable factors involved, however, our experts are here to guide you with this short article to answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.

So, can you build fitted wardrobes on carpet? It is advisable to not build a fitted wardrobe on a carpetif you install a fitted wardrobe on a carpet you may be left with a final product that isn’t well-fitting and may need future repairs. Fitted wardrobes should, instead, be installed before carpeting, or on hard flooring.

To help you make the right choice, our team has put together some useful advice for you to explore. Simply read on to learn more.

Can Fitted Wardrobes be Built on Carpet?


Bespoke-fitted wardrobes can be built on carpet. However, this is not advisable. 

When a fitted wardrobe is built onto a pre-existing carpet, it’s at high risk of dropping over time. This is especially true if the carpets that the wardrobes are being fitted on are new, as they are usually thicker and less flat than worn-in carpets.

Should Fitted Wardrobes be Installed Before or After Carpeting?

Ideally, your fitted wardrobes should be installed before carpeting. This will ensure that your fittings are secure and significantly reduces the risk of movements over time.

We understand that due to budget requirements, it’s not ideal to remove or replace your carpet to cater for new, fitted wardrobes. However, one solution could be to take up your existing carpet while you have your new wardrobes fitted and then have them re-fitted once the work is completed. This will help to ensure that your wardrobes are secure and protected and minimises the risk of installation issues.

This is the solution we use on most projects at V-Interiors. We strive for the highest quality product and we always make our wardrobes as a full carcass. Our wardrobes are designed for that specific place and they are fully lined inside. This type of wardrobe is installed on the adjustable base and needs to be installed on a hard solid floor to avoid any movement. Carpets can be installed after wardrobes in situ or we can cut them back during installation to prevent any possible movement.

What is the Best Flooring Type for Fitted Wardrobes?

To avoid issues with your bespoke fitted wardrobes, they should be installed onto floorboards or another hard flooring. Our experts will examine that the floor is level to ensure that your new installations have a flawless finish. They will also inspect your ceiling height before getting started.

All bespoke fitted wardrobes are made to measure, meaning that they fit your individual room requirements in length, shape and dimension. If your wardrobes are built onto carpet instead of hard flooring, over time as your carpets flatten, your wardrobes will lower, creating a gap between the fitting and the ceiling. This can be a difficult problem to fix to recreate that custom-made look. If this work is required, it’s important that it should be conducted by a professional with experience in joinery and cabinetry.

Can You Move Fitted Wardrobes From One Room to Another?

When fitted wardrobes are made and installed, they are made to measure to securely shape the location provided. The desired new location for your bespoke fitted wardrobes may be different in length, shape or dimensions, which means that they won’t be able to sit well in the new location. For this reason, it is not possible to move fitted wardrobes from one room to another (or from one house to another, sorry!).

If fitted wardrobes are removed, the materials used are at risk of being damaged when detached from seals and other connectors, such as nails or screws. While it may be possible to recycle your old wardrobes into a new fitting, you will need professional help to guarantee that your wardrobes remain of high quality.

How Are Fitted Wardrobes Built?

The first stage of building your bespoke fitted wardrobes is planning. Our experts will be here to assist you with any queries or questions surrounding flooring to ensure that you’re happy with your final product. Here at V-Interiors, we have over 100 unique colours to choose from. All our materials are high quality, meaning that they’re the best product for manufacturing. Once you provide us with details of what you’re looking for, our team will provide you with a 3D visualisation of what your finished product will look like. Here, you can make any final tweaks to perfect your product.

Design A Fitted Wardrobe Today

When you’re happy with your design, our professional team will install your wardrobes and secure them in place. The waiting time from securing your product with a deposit to completion is usually around 4-6 weeks, meaning that you won’t be waiting long for your finished designs to come to life.

To start the process of designing your very own custom-built fitted wardrobes, simply get in touch with one of our experienced team members today to receive your free enquiry.