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Built-in wardrobes are a great way to optimise the storage space in your property but people are often concerned with the upfront cost of investing in them. In this article, V-Interiors will discuss exactly how built-in wardrobes can add value to your property so that you can make the decision for yourself. 

So, do built in wardrobes add value to your property? Yes, built-in wardrobes can add value to your property due to them utilising space in smaller rooms, making clever use of otherwise awkward spaces, and because they tend to be of higher quality than standard flat-packed furniture. These factors are appealing to property buyers and may result in a higher purchase price. 

Keep reading to find out more about the pros and cons of built-in wardrobes including whether they are worth the investment.

Do Built-In Wardrobes Add Value to Your Property?

Most people decide to invest in built-in wardrobes as a storage solution or for aesthetic appeal but fail to consider the value that a built-in wardrobe can add to their properties. Some built-in wardrobes can completely modernise a room and make it more appealing to buyers when they are on the property hunt. Other built-in wardrobes can dramatically change the space that is available in a room, which also makes it more attractive to property buyers. 

The main point is that built-in wardrobes do add value to properties, even on the rental market and, when fitted by an experienced team, these built-in wardrobes can add value that is higher than the initial installation cost. Therefore, investing in a built-in wardrobe seems like a no brainer, right? Let’s take a look at exactly how built-in wardrobes can add value to your property. 

How Do Built-In Wardrobes Add Value?

Built-in wardrobes can add value to your property, especially if they are fitted by an experienced team who provide a flush finish. Here are some of the main ways that built-in wardrobes can add value to your property. 

Practical Use of Smaller Bedrooms:

Finding a property that has equally spacious rooms is very difficult because more often than not, the one bedroom is a box room that can barely fit a bed in it. By investing in built-in wardrobes, you can create a practical use of smaller bedrooms by forming a walk in wardrobe. This can switch an otherwise useless room into an organised space of storage which is highly appealing to buyers.

Clever Use of Awkward Spaces: 

Some properties have awkward shaped walls, unappealing edges and even random boxes where stairs have been fitted. Built-in wardrobes can be designed to fit and make the most out of these awkward spaces, which otherwise would have been unusable. Bespoke fitted wardrobes can be even better for this because they can specifically be designed to fit the exact measurements of any award space. 

High Quality Furniture:

By investing in built-in wardrobes, you are adding high quality furniture to your property, especially if the wardrobe is bespoke. When someone comes to view your property and sees that you have built-in wardrobes, it elevates the property to another level of value. They will be happy to see that they don’t need to invest additional money into buying furniture, and that they can easily move in and upack. Plus, the difference in quality between built-in wardrobes and a cheap flat-pack wardrobe is incomparable, and people are willing to pay for that.

Pros and Cons of Built-In Wardrobes:

Often people love built-in wardrobes because of their practicality and aesthetic appeal, but are there any cons to investing in them? Below we have detailed the pros and cons of built-in wardrobes, so you can decide whether built-in wardrobes are worth the investment. 

Pros of Built-In WardrobesCons of Built-In Wardrobes
Reduced Chances of Mould: Built-in wardrobes are often fitted so that they are air tight to the wall. This means that no warm air can condensate on the cold wall behind the wardrobe which can initiate mould growth. This can increase the value of your property because people want to avoid mould prone properties. Lack of Movability: One of the cons of investing in built-in wardrobes is that they cannot be moved around the room. Once they have been fitted, they have to remain in that one space which may limit the way the room can be organised. This may reduce the value of the property if people find that the wardrobe causes too many restrictions. V-Interiors can help you to effectively plan with your available space in mind to reduce the chance of this happening.
Durability: In general, built-in wardrobes are much better quality than most flat-pack furniture. This means that they are a lot sturdier and will last for much longer. What’s more, built-in wardrobes are fitted to walls which means they are less likely to develop a lean, or get loosened joints over time. This can improve the value of a property because people understand that they are going to last a long time. Cost: In comparison to readily available flat-pack furniture, built-in wardrobes are quite expensive. Therefore, if you are looking to renovate your house on a budget, or there are little profit margins on the house you are selling, investing in built-in wardrobes may not be feasible. However, it is always worth requesting a quote because the cost may surprise you. However, more often than not, the value created by a built-in wardrobe supersedes the initial investment.
More Natural Light: Built-in wardrobes are normally fitted flush against walls and measured to specifically fit into a space. This means that they will not protrude into window space and block any natural light. In fact, due to them being fitted so flush, they may even accentuate the light in the room. This can increase the value of your property as it makes the room feel more spacious. Waiting Time: If you are adding a built-in wardrobe specifically for selling it is important to consider the time it takes for them to be built. Built-in wardrobes do take a lot longer to be fitted when you compare them to building flat-pack wardrobes. The process can take anywhere between a couple of weeks and a couple of months. It is always worth asking if a built-in wardrobe fitter could complete the project in a particular time frame just in case.  With an average lead time of 6 weeks}, V-Interiors do their best to meet all of your built-in wardrobe requirements. 

Are Built-in Wardrobes Worth It? 

If you own a property that is in need of a revamp, has awkward spaces that are not being used effectively, or simply would look great with a bespoke built-in wardrobe, then yes they are worth it. The added flexibility and clever use of storage that is offered when you invest in a built-in wardrobe, is not only valuable to you but also to future buyers of your property. 

The benefits of investing in a built-in property outweigh the upfront cost that is required, because you can be confident that you will have a high quality piece of bespoke furniture that is sure to outlast the longevity of flat-pack furniture. Built-in furniture is popular with many property buyers and may actually be a unique selling point when it comes to listing your property. 

Bespoke Wardrobes at V-Interiors

V-Interiors specialises in the design and installation of bespoke built-in wardrobes. Our experienced team will work in collaboration with you to design the ideal built-in wardrobe for your property. 

Get in touch today to begin the process of designing a bespoke built-in wardrobe for your home.